Welcome to the first and only Dirt Moto Track for Segways in the world!

Challenge yourself on over two miles of dirt track in our off-road Segway course — take a ride on the first and only dirt track built exclusively for Segways.Ride like a pro on over a mile of dips, curves, whoops, table tops, and hills ranging in size from “The Bunny Hill” to “The Widow Maker!” Throughout the entire track are bypass roads around the obstacles making this course ideal for those who want to ride at their own pace — from novices to pros.

To start, your guide will give you a thorough training session, so that you understand how to safely control your Segway. After the training session, you and your guide head to the track where you are able to ride where you’d like and experience just what a Segway is capable of. Better be careful though, this is not a controlled ride!

Riding is on a first-come, first-served basis unless you book a reservation. We can accommodate up to 12 riders at a time. Tours are $29 per 20 minutes on our dirt track. Your time starts after training and when you are on the Segway Moto Track. Helmets are provided or you may use your own gear.